Byron Rathbone

The madman


Matted gray hair, a layer of gray and black stubble covers his face. He wears the clothes of an aristocrat, except that they are tattered and filthy. He has shifty haunted eyes and a large scar the stretches from the left corner of his lip to the lob of his left ear.

Race: Human
Class: Thief
Level: 5
Str: 15 1
Dex: 16 +2
Con: 12 +0
Int: 13 +1
Wis: 9 +0
Cha: 8 -1
hp: 18
Immune to poison
Dam: 1d8 (
2d6 back stab) poison (immobility).
Armor: 1 (2 when outnumbered)

Spear head (functions as a dagger)
Leather armor
Healing potion
3 doses of poison (immobility)

Cheap shot: +1d6 on sneak attack
Shoot first: get to act first during any surprise round
Poison master: poisons aren’t dangerous to him
Underdog: +1 armor when outnumbered.


Byron’s family was murdered some ten years ago. The brilliant quick silver smith claimed that it was the work of a wild beast, but the common belief is that he went mad and tore them apart himself. He was supposedly tried and he requested to have his tie with arcane magic severed. Rumor has it he continued to practice silver smelting without protection which only drove him deeper into madness.

Now he roves about the town muttering to a silver spear head. He frequents The Black Rose where he begs for food and consumes left over drinks. Even though he carries something that could likely be used as a weapon, and his is raving mad, people don’t view him as much of a threat.

-Severely addicted to some sort of drug
-Murdered his family
-Had is arcane connection severed
-Is still a quick-silver smith
-Was once a noble lord who angered the Magistrate
-Does unsavory things with the spear head
-Scared his own face to convince people of his innocents
-Fought a werewolf with the spear (that is the cause of the broken spear and the scar)
-Is himself a werewolf
-Eats stray animals
-Let a pack of ghouls into his house to eat his family
-Gone mad due to murdering his family/ Severed from arcane/ extensive quick-silver use/ addiction to quick-silver dust/ using quick-silver without protection

Byron Rathbone

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