Solomon Stormshield

Owner of the black rose inn


I: to prove his worth
K: A catchy tune
Male dwarf
He left his homeland after the reign of the new king. He used to be a soldier who served under the silver rams. His sister owned a tavern in Sadenstain. He named his inn after her tavern. Saul left his wife and children when he deserted his homeland, this is something that has continued to haunt him. He feels a need to prove himself as a man and as a warrior. Saul has always been a decent whistler and he can be heard whistling tunes of his homeland from the kitchen.
to prove himself worth while he takes in those whose have lost their parents. Saul has some five or six orphans working for him. He treats them as he would a military recruit.
He is a very kind person and can be a huge source of information.
He will request that they find shelby if they let her get kidnapped. He will inform them that he had them all magically traceable by the library mages.


Solomon Stormshield

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