Norton Bertosh

Captain of the Guard


Norton is a man will in his ears. He speaks loud and is hard of hearing. He has a predominant stoop in his back. He wears strange robes and has an unnaturally thin body, dead eyes, wild hair.
Knack: Master tactician, his body is constantly cold
Instinct: To make a wager, to win the wager, to be cautious in all that he does
Wears flowing robes over a fitted set of simple leather armor. Uses a staff to walk
Personality: Know it all, Logical, quick study
Moves: Counter spell, speak with dead, cage, detect magic


Norton has lived in Crescent Ridge all his life and has served as captain of the guard for over 30 years. He enlisted in the guard as a young man and was called to fight in the bone war. During the war his back was broken, a severe injury that never truly healed.

As was customary in Schoul he learned magic as well as melee combat. He always had a mind for strategy but it wasn’t until after his injury that he became a notable general. If the Bone War had truly been won he likely would have moved up the in ranks until he was station in the capital. He obsesses over that loss of power. His obsession are the cause for his vigilance in security.

Norton is a know it all, and he loves to give advice. He uses his uncanny sense of logic to determine the events and people around him. He is a quick study and often can name a spell simply by observing the caster. That ability has aided him in countering many spells.

Knack: Strategy, an undefinable coldness
Instinct: to win, caution

Spells: He specializes in spells that allow for investigation
speak with dead
detect magic

Norton Bertosh

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